Enzyme filling solutions

The line is composed of bottle washing machine, filling machine and capping machine, all in rotary type. It can be applied for the filling of liquor, soy sauce and vinegar. It can assemble with labeling machine and packing system to form a complete production line. Equipment can customized according to customers’ requirements.

Scope of application:

The production line is applicable for the filling of foaming liquid, such as soy sauce, mature vinegar, rice vinegar, apple vinegar, white vinegar and other related liquid. It can also used for automatic filling of oil and pesticide with low concentration and non-gas beverage. It is suitable for the filling of all kinds of square or round bottles or barrels.


Technical parameters:

Number of filling nozzle: 6 or 8

Filling volume: 800-5000ML (stepless adjustable)

Work principle: constant pressure

Suitable bottleneck: ≥18(mm)

Suitable bottle height: 130-500(mm)

Power: 1.5 (kw)

Filling accuracy: 0.5%

Transmitted motor power: 0.3KW

Production capacity (by 2L): 1200-1600 barrel/hour

Overall dimension: 1500*850*1700mm (according to customer’s need)



  1. High degree of automation
  2. No dropping, stable filling, no foaming, accurate liquid level
  3. Large filling volume
  4. Wide range of application

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