Customer Information

Company: JDB INTL INC.

Country: Canada

ProjectBagged biscuit cartoning line

The customer visited Gosunm factory, checked the conditions of factory, and discussed details about the program.


JDB INTL INC. is a large-scale manufacturer of biscuit, chocolate, puffed food, instant soluble powder and other products in Canada. It has dealers in Taiwan.


Details about the discussion:

The receptionist introduced Gosunm’s overall scale, development direction and vision to the customer.

Receptionist: What do you think of the machine here?

Customer: Ah, high quality! Especially in details, for example, the welding effect is much better than the factories we have visited.

Receptionist: How about the program we designed?

Customer: The program meets the production requirements of our company, especially the packaging speed, applicable product size and material properties. You adopt spider robot, which can flexibly adapt to all kinds of circumstances. About the detail we can talk about it further.

Through this visit, JDB INTL INC. and Gosunm know better about each other and reach initial cooperation intention.

Canadian customer visits Gosunm
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