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 Product features 

This equipment is mainly composed of KN95/N95 semi-automatic chipping machine, KN95/N95 semi-automatic welding machineand KN95/N95 semi-automatic edge banding machine. It is mainly used for the production of disposable KN95/N95 masks and semi-automatic production. The operation is simple and easy to use, and the error rate is low, which is convenient for manual maintenance and scale adjustment. The equipment has a relatively high degree of automation, can realize staged manual operation, and has low requirements for operating staff. It only needs to unwind and sort the finished product, pull the tube into the material, and position accurately, which can minimize the waste of materials and effectively guarantee the quality of the masks.
Support mask production type: KN95/N95 non woven mask 3-6 layers

Product Description
Product NameKN95/N95 mask folding machine
Qualification Rate98-99%
Equipment EfficiencyTest speed          100pcs/minStable speed       80pcs/min
Equipment sizeL4100W1700*H1800mm
VoltageSingle phase 220V 60HZ/50HZ
LogoAccept customization
SampleA box of products produced by the mask machine
Lead Time5-7 days
Supply Ability300 Sets Per/Month






 Service Guarantee 

1. Free product warranty for one year.
2. A pack of wearing parts is provided for free.
3. Provide English installation instructions and circuit diagrams.
4. Provide complete installation video guidance and parts assembly video, multi-language explanation.
5. In some countries, there are cooperative agents that provide spare parts warehouses and provide long-term service sales.
6. A remote guidance sales service team to provide 24-hour online guidance services for engineers.


 About Us 



Guangdong Gosunm Intelligent Industry Co., Ltd is located in Dongguan, the most economically dynamic international manufacturing city in South China. It was estab-lished in 2012 with a registered capital of 10 million. It has a modern factory building of more than 15,000 square meters and more than 200 main employees.


The main products from Gosunm Intelligent include:disposable flat mask making machine, KN95 mask making machine, and mask product testing and packaging equipment.

With years of accumulation and hard work, Gosunm Intelligent has grown into a national high-tech enterprise, a synergistic multiplication enterprise in Dongguan, and has more than 30 patents by the end of 2019 years. Gosunm Intelligent will do best to provide effective technical solutions for global epidemic prevention and create maxi-mum value for customers

*Establish a "Graduate Training (Practice) Base" with Shantou University

*Huazhong University of Science and Technology University Student Research and Practice base

*Production-University-Research cooperation base of South China University of Technology, and jointly undertake the research and development plan in key areas of Guangdong Province

*Guangdong Baiyun College-Off-campus Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Practice base

*Industry-University-Research Cooperation Base of South China Normal University

*Guangdong University of Finance-lntelligent Logistics System Teaching and Research Practice Base


KN95/N95 Mask Folding Machine



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