Customer Information

Country: Vietnam

Company: ONSEN

Project: carbonated beverages filling machine


ONSEN owns 2 aquatic products processing plants, 1 mineral water production plant, 1 large beach club and 1 seafood restaurant in Vietnam.

After visiting Gosunm factory and the production lines, the customer (ONSEN) decided to place an order.


Details about the cooperation:

We: Why do you choose Gosunm as your supplier of carbonated beverages filling machine?

Customer: Firstly, Gosunm replied quickly and timely providing solutions of carbonated beverages filling machine according to our demands. We were deeply impressed by Gosunm. And Gosunm visited our factory timely, soon we developed a friendship and earned mutual trust.

We: What’s your impression about Gosunm’s production lines?

Customer: We’ve visited the production line of Junye Jiate (one of Gosunm’s customer), and deeply impressed. We believed that you are professional in overall design and production.

We: Will you choose Gosunm to design the three production lines?

Customer: now, we have confirmed one carbonated beverages production line. After installation and adjustment, we will add the other two production lines. Our cooperation is long-term.


This visit makes ONSEN and Gosunm know better about each other and reach initial cooperation intention.

Vietnamese customer cooperates with Gosunm for carbonated
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