Daily chemical product filling line, can be used for cosmetics, petrochemical and other bottled paste, liquid filling, suitable for users the whole line including filling , capping, aluminum foil sealing, labeling and other processes.



manual bottle delivery - detection and automatic block bottle - filling nozzle down- quantitative partial filling the machine - automatic sorting and cap lifting - automatic capping - automatic labeling (cold glue, adhesive, hot melt - optional) -ink-jet coding- into the packing station, (optional unpacking machine, packing machine, sealing machine)


Line speed

3000- 4200pcs / h (customized)

Filling capacity

200mL~1L (customized)

Use power


Use air source

6-8kg/cm² needed

Filling precision

±0.5mlabove 250ml 

Labeling Precision

±1mm (excluding product and label error)



Sleeve labeling machine

Shrink packing machine

Carton packing machine

 Scanning machine

Automatic cosmetic/ lotion filling capping, labeling line
Automatic cosmetic/ lotion filling capping, labeling line

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