The production line with the function of filing, screw capping , tamper shrinking, labeling and ink-jet printing is suitable for filling of daily used product, oils, paste , sauce, chemical industrial.



manual bottle delivery - detection and automatic block bottle - filling nozzle down- quantitative partial filling the machine - automatic sorting and cap lifting - automatic capping - automatic labeling (cold glue, adhesive, hot melt - optional) -ink-jet coding- into the packing station, (optional unpacking machine, packing machine, sealing machine)


Line speed

1500- 2000pcs / h (customized)

Filling capacity

200mL~2L (customized)

Use power


Use air source

0.4-0.8MPa compressed air

Filling accuracy

±1%(above 250ml 

Floor area




Sleeve labeling machine

Shrink packing machine

Carton packing machine

 Scanning machine


Automatic hand washing liquid soap filling and capping line
Liquid soap filling solutions

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