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Dongguan Gosunm Machinery Co., Ltd, headquartered in Dongguan,Guangdong, China, is the manufacturer and supplier of intelligent automation equipment. Its products cover labeling machine, filling machine, packing machine, sealing machine ... ...

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we have all kinds of products to meet your need

  • Automation line

    Automation line

    Including product tracking system, milk powder electronic supervision code tracking system, wine tracking system, edible oil filling line……

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  • Filling machine

    Filling machine

    Including automatic filling machine, semi-automatic filling machine, dedicated filling machine……

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  • Labeling machine

    Labeling machine

    Including cold glue labeling machine, hot melt glue labeling machine, sleeve labeling machine, bottle labeling machine, dedicated labeling machine……

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  • Case unpacker

    Case unpacker

    We offer professional production of various case unpacker, including carton erector, horizontal case erector……

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  • Sealing machine

    Sealing machine

    Including automatic carton edges sealing machine, side sealing machine, automatic folding and sealing machine, automatic carton sealing machine ……

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  • Sleeve wrapping machine

    Sleeve wrapping machine

    Including automatic sleeve wrapping machine, automatic operation“L” type sealing cutting and shrinking machine……

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  • Packaging machine

    Packaging machine

    Including vertical packing machine, horizontal package machine, bag in bag packaging machine, biscuit packing machine

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  • Cartoning machine

    Cartoning machine

    Including automatic horizontal cartoning machine, automatic vertical cartoning machine, automatic robotic packaging machines……

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  • Palletizer and depalletizer

    Palletizer and depalletizer

    Including high level palletizer, automatic low level palletizer, robot palletizer, automatic depalletizer machine……

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  • Corollary equipment of production line

    Corollary equipment of production line

    Including vibrating plate, ink-jet printer, barcode printer, wrapping machine, strapping machine, automatic pallet feeding machine……

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  • Equipment auxiliary

    Equipment auxiliary

    Including price label, wine label, beverage label, food label, daily chemical label, medicine label……

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  • More equipment can be customized
    for your requirement .


The Chinese leading manufactures of one stop shop packaging equipment

Professional concentrations
advanced technology

50+patent protected for design
and technical ...

Experienced export machines,
strong service support

60+ oversea after-service engineers,
providing 24 hours online service

Strong factory strength

500+ production line, having extensive
experience in production line.


To strive to make customers
100% satisfaction


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The Application and Working Theory of Stepper Motor and Synchronous Belt

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